House Riding School


Our teaching is based on the system of gallops, and these are divided into three cycles:

The first is the initiation, the classes are taught on the track closest to the cafeteria, completely closed track, where the horses are calmer, taught with bred horses, the vast majority loose on a track morning and night together, what are more docile. The classes of tanda are of two to eight people according to the affluence.

In this cycle we try to carry out a teaching of control of all the airs and we work the seat and the position of the riders in these.

All this is accompanied by an approach to the horse, in this cycle will learn all the basic care in addition to preparing the horse for mounting, brushing, saddle, bridle, stirrups … and at the end of the session will brush or shower the horse all accompanied by colleagues with a little more experience, with this we get them to integrate and socialize.

When the teacher considers that they are ready and already have all the knowledge at a theoretical and practical level, these riders are evaluated by the teachers of the club deciding these, if it happens or not to the second cycle.


The second cycle is carried out in the upper track, a more open place in which the horses are a bit more energetic and do not follow a head of batch, these riders will have to exploit all the knowledge they possess. will begin in the two disciplines, jumping and dressage, here acquire more specific knowledge of the two disciplines and will carry out through small social competitions, it is in this cycle where they will begin to examine the gallops.

When these riders control at the psychological and theoretical-practical level these small competitions, they will go on to the third cycle where they will perfect their ride and begin to compete at the territorial and national level in the same club and in other clubs of the islands, applying everything they have learned.

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